John Conway

John Conway

Actor/Singer - member of Equity, based in London. 
John started acting, singing and dancing whilst at school, following in his mother's semi-professional footsteps, and has since performed in many genres of theatre, film, commercials, radio, music hall, cabaret, corporate role-play and many pantos. John has also appeared in new writing; both musicals and plays (and one of the latter received a 4* review with a special mention for John’s excellent and versatile portrayal of two very different characters) and many pantos. A short film that John appeared in, wrote some additional screenplay for and did some VFX on (Stalled) won Best Short Film at the British Film Festival. 

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Theatre work includes: Twin 1 (Premature Thoughts: Original Radio Drama), John (Oleanna: Bromley Little), The Coroner (The Crooked Spire: Pomegranate Theatre), Mr Monopoly (Monopoly Lifesized: London), Professor Marvel/The Wizard (The Wizard of Oz: Trinity Theatre), Karloff Menace (Goosebumps Kids: The Vaults Waterloo), Joe (Haunting Julia: Albany Theatre), Bridges/Pastor Jeffries (Deep Pit: Brassworks Theatre), George Fox/Lord Baltimore (The Perfect City: tour), Ben Hecht (Moonlight & Magnolias: Bromley Little), Dr Watson (The Hound of the Baskervilles: tour), Corbaccio (Volpone: Upstairs at the Gatehouse), Dr Harvey (Punk Rock: Tristan Bates), Peachum (The Threepenny Opera: Bromley Little).
There have also been several pantomimes, usually as the father of the heroine.
Film work includes: Call to the Rabbit (Sean McSweyn), Walking on Sunshine (Max Giwa/Dania Pasquini), The World’s End (Edgar Wright), Two Death (Matt Orton), A Performance (Guy Paterson), Estate (Tom Harberd), The Butterfly Beat (Doug Hewett), Peugeot ‘Wacky Races’ Commercial (Antoine Bardou-Jacquet). Stalled (Max Aaron); Siphoned (Maya Wills) and Zorroz (Dan Burns)

For full CV/credits go to Spotlight: 1615-6720-1161, Mandy Actors: 406078 or Mandy Voices: 498723.  Also on IMDB


BASSC basic: (Unarmed, Rapier & Dagger) - distinction. BASSC workshop weekend: cut-throat razor, broadsword, longsword 

Kent/SE London (native), RP, Heightened RP, Scottish-Standard, Welsh Standard, West Country Standard, Irish North/South, American Standard.
Good ear for a range of other accents including South African and French.

Singing: Bass-baritone (F2 to A5), acapella, ballad, cabaret, musical theatre, G&S, music hall
Spoken tone: Naturally warm with an engaging quality and the versatility to offer gravitas, authority, hard sell, soft sell or character voices.

I did a lot of dancing in my 20s!  Now: Good general movement, general musical theatre - jazz & some tap
I have good stamina and high energy - sufficient for long panto runs, summer seasons of touring or interactive/conveyor belt theatre such as Goosebumps or Merlin Attractions (including Fright Nights).

Basic juggling (3 x ball, ring, scarf), plate-spinning
Sports: golf, pool/snooker, football, cricket, swimming, darts and others
Full UK driving licence 

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